Job Details : iPhone Enterprise Mobile - User Interface Developer

Software engineer designing and developing specialized interfaces for mobile applications. Although applications would span multiple devices, Vinta adheres to guidlines as defined by Apple's "iPhone Human Interface Guidelines".

Note: This position is included in Vinta Education Plan for
iPhone Software Engineers. There are special qualifications and employments agreements for this position.

Personal Traits:

  • Passion for technology - applicant would need to learn and practice technology at a very demanding pace.  Aside from basic technical skills this person should be able to comprehend and desire learning other technicals skills needed to get job done.
  • Detail oriented - applicant would need to be able to code, test, and document applications to the detail that ensures quality of the product.

  • Proficient with HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Practiced in developing AJAX pages.
  • Worked with graphical software such as PhotoShop, Flash, etc.
  • Good eye for design - simplicity and efficiency.