Job Details : iPhone Enterprise Mobile - Technical Project Manager

Project manager or Architect leading a team with divers skills and personalities.

Personal Traits:

  • Driven - applicant would drive the initiative with a very 'hands-on' approach.  Moving the project forward at every step of the way, making sure everyone contributes and works hard towards a shared goal.
  • Time Manager - applicant would manage time lines and commitments for parallel activities.  Multi-tasking is essential, with the ability to drive deadlines for many activities.
  • Leader - applicant would take the lead, and motivates people within the team through difficult and pressured commitments.  This person should know when to be soft and when to be hard on people balancing personal and professional relations to get the project.

  • Experienced with project management tools - status reporting, and time management application and tools to communicate with both management and development teams.
  • In depth understanding of web mobile application development technology - infrastructure (Internet, TCPIP, etc), software (Web Server, application server, mobile devices), and applications environments (Java and C++ programming).
  • Practiced with design standards - UML standards on creation of use cases, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, etc.